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Test-taking Tip: Give Yourself a Tune-Up

Music Do you listen to music when you study? Over the years, different theories have touted the benefits of listening to classical music during study time to enhance mental performance. You may recall the Mozart Effect, the idea that classical music boosted the intelligence of very young children.

More recent research suggests that music may actually harm your ability to study, at least sometimes. For instance, some studies have found that listening to music while you try to memorize a list of items in a certain order hinders your efforts, regardless of the type of music or whether you even like the music being played. Researchers believe the changing notes of the music interfere with your ability to memorize lists.

However, even if music doesn't increase your intelligence or help you memorize lists, it's widely agreed that listening to music immediately before an exam can be beneficial. Listening to music reduces stress, stimulates your mind, and elevates your mood—probably the three most important considerations as you get ready to take the real estate exam.

So why not arrive 20 to 30 minutes early for your exam, fire up the mp3 player, and give yourself a mental 'tune up'? The music needn't be any particular genre; it should just be something that you enjoy. The music will relax you, enabling you to mentally reset and focus on the task before you.

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