Marketing Tips for Realtors: Learn How to Write Great Listing Ads for Your Clients

Say What? Ads That Sell


You’ve got the listing, but now you need to attract buyers by writing a killer real estate ad. There are lots of ads out there, so how are you going to make your ad (and your client’s property) stand out? Tony Garcia has some ideas in his blog, so read on for all the details.


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Creating compelling real estate ads for your listings is critical in grabbing a prospective buyer’s attention and keeping them engaged.  In this age of virtual real estate marketing, consumers are inundated with various advertisements every day.  So how do you stand apart from the massive amount of competition?

Remembering the phrase “HOODOO” will help you write more effective advertisements for your listings.  You have to keep in mind WHO you are appealing to, and then follow it with a qualifying statement (the DO). 

For example, let’s say you write the headline:  Swim in Winter!  After reading this headline, one will probably assume that you are referring to a heated and/or indoor pool.  Thus, the qualifying statement might be, “The solar-heated pool in this home offers year-round family fun and entertaining.”  Be sure to reinforce this with a strong finish like, “So, if you’d like to be able to swim this winter, call me today at …”

Now, let’s focus for a moment on the headline.  Powerful headlines must contain one or more of the following:

  1. A stated or implied benefit for the reader.
  2. Something that is novel or topical.
  3. A curiosity element (without sounding gimmicky).

Here’s an example of a headline that uses two of those rules:  Hard Work Pays.  This could be the headline for a property listing that needs some serious work done.  This headline follows the first and last rules because it makes the reader ask, “What will be the benefit?” and “What do I have to do?”

Last, but certainly not least, remember that you are not selling a house.  You are selling the idea of living in a home.  Words are powerful, so use them to your advantage in all of your real estate listing ads.

This week’s real estate tip was provided by Tony Garcia – Sr. Loan Officer at PrimeLending.

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Tony Garcia has been a loan officer for over a decade.  His experience, in-depth industry knowledge, and genuine concern for his clients has made him a trusted resource for both his clients and the Realtors who rely on him. Understanding that mortgage banking can seem complicated and overwhelming, especially for first time home buyers, Tony provides all of his clients with a detailed consultation so they feel completely comfortable with their loan option

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